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Anupa and Elia, an Indian-Italian couple are just months into their relationship, but they seem smitten with each other already.

Elia introduces Anupa to his friends in Italy. Instead of the usual hand shake, she does something rather "odd" each time-

The Indian Namaste!

Find out what the deal is between Anupa and Elia.




It's January 2019, I get a text from my school senior Anupa, a research fellow in Italy. She tells me that she wants to surprise her boyfriend Elia, with a comic book, on their first Valentine's Day together.

She knew I was the perfect choice, given my years of experience as a comic artist and as a regular third wheel.

I ask Anupa to share with me some hilarious moments between them, and how Elia would react to particular scenarios of comedy. Two weeks later, we have "Touch Me Not".

Fast forward to two years, Anupa and Elia are married! Anupa credits this comic book a huge role in cementing their relationship. 

She says " You drew one Valentine's Day comic two years ago, and it worked!"

Guess I can make some relationships work. Maybe just not the one where I'm the girlfriend.

BONUS- This was my first commissioned project.