Liz, a cartoonist from Kochi, is struggling to draw cartoons on the 2019 Kashmir lockdown. Sheʼs appalled at the injustice that is imposed on the natives and wants to show her support in some form. She has no source of information other than the vague news references from some international journals. Coincidentally, her friend, Faizah from Kashmir had to fly out to Chandigarh to tend her fractured arm. The book details the events that occur in both, Faizahʼs and Lizʼs life since the announcement of the lockdown, and how they communicated with each other. They drew differences between each otherʼs daily life and slowly started to realise how rights and freedom held different meanings to them.

“Ask A Kashmiri” is an independently published graphic novel by Liz George. It debuted at the Indie Comix Fest Kochi 2019 and garnered an overwhelming response.