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Do you ever feel like quitting your job to do what you love? Because I just did! 

Hi, I'm Liz, a cartoonist in India and I just quit my marketing job to become a comedy writer. I want to, one day, make a show like The Simpsons.

A couple of months ago between my usual morning coffee and my usual morning anxiety episodes, I looked in the mirror and noticed fine lines on my face. Two things struck me like lightning-

(1) that things weren't going to happen by itself, if I didn't make it happen and (2) that twenty-six was too young for those lines.


Now I'm back to where I started, my parent's home. This time with no income, no space to myself, and no boyfriend. Now my world are my laptop, my books and the occasional rants of my very anxious parents that push me to write a movie script, because I need to get my sh*t sorted.  


I'll be honest, I have no f*cking idea how to pull it off. So I made this website to chronicle my journey from a lonely, single cartoonist to a lonely, single comedy writer. Now the big question is, will I make it?

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Here is what I love to talk about.

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The only good thing that came from quitting five jobs in two years was that I moved across India and worked for fashion to NGOs. I met some wonderful, and some nasty people along the way, who all are my inspiration to write. They taught me many things that I was oblivious to, as a spoilt little brat. One lesson that is particularly close to my heart is how people truly believe some of the most nonsensical communal and racial stereotypes there is. 


Being an artist in India is hard. It isn’t the first choice for a career, to your parents. There is a misconception here, that the only reason someone takes up art is because they’re dumb. That is a lie, except in my case. I barely made it through school. I hated studying more than I hated eating veggies. But I took up cartooning when I was 11 years old, and that gave me a free-pass when I tanked the exams. Things changed for me after I published my graphic novel on the 2019 Kashmir lockdown. Now I’ve got students inviting me to host art workshops, to teach them how I convinced my parents about art.  


 Dating is different in each city in India. It's like a thriller movie with multiple endings. If in one you’re let go for PDA, in the other one you’re dead. I'm someone who doesn't shy away from admitting my relationships. And women often tell me that they aspire to be as liberated as I'm. But this liberation does come with criticism. Left-wing supporters would capitalize it as "Female Empowerment" and the Right-wing would just keep it simple by calling me a wh*re. 


Like almost everyone in India, I too grew up in a religious household. You could catch me on the first bench at the church with my family, every single Sunday. But when I came-of-age, religion confused me. It all started when the church said that this is the Father's house, and that we must live by his rules. Like I said, I was confused. Was this religion or just bad parenting?

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"Liz highlights political farces and ironies through her cartoons"

- The New Indian Express Edex

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