Cartoon Couture- Where to find it in India

Clothes are said to be the projection of our personality. Traditionally, India is a country which follows quite the conservative path when it comes to dressing. Now don’t get me wrong. While we have progressed and have accepted new styles from the western world, it is still quite regressive when it comes to a full blowout fashion scene such as bright colours, daring cuts or explicit graphics.

Likewise, there is a certain stereotype tagged with cartoons in fashion. Till a few years back, anything associated with it was reserved for the kids. However, from 2013-2016 the fashion world witnessed a trickle-up effect. The international fashion brands (even haute couture houses like Gucci) aggressively designed or collaborated with various cartoon franchise like The Simpsons, Disney, Snoopy and others for adults. Thus was born the cartoon couture. Now with the millennial domination, this has reached the mass market. And it’s slowly making it’s it entrance to the “Fashion follower” country - India.

The recent Lakme Fashion Week which took place in St. Xavier’s, Mumbai and the ongoing Fashion Week at the fashion capitals has ignited the NIFT graduate in me to write this #MondayBlog dedicated to the fashion world!

Here are a few brands which have made cartoon collab fashion available in India.

1. Forever 21 Everything this brand does is youthful and fun. Forever 21 India occasionally introduces their Mickey Mouse or Disney character t-shirts. The past year, they have been dropping Charles M. Schulz's Peanuts and Nickelodeon hit show Rugrats clothing. Currently, they also have a Super Mario T-shirt along with their regular Marvel line.

Needless to say - I’m rocking the Rugrats T-shirt while typing this!

2. Zara

Zara Spring/Summer 2019 has Disney and Looney Tunes collaborations with a whimsical touch. The prints are hilariously put up with modern themes like typography and WhatsApp chat prints. What I love the most about the designs are the baggy, oversized silhouette of the tshirts, just oozing the 90’s vibe.


The Spring/Summer 2019 collection at H&M has the raddest Lisa Simpson pullovers!


Their iconic logo t-shirt gets a spin with Peanuts !

There are also online stores like The Souled Store and Red Bubble that are artist centric than a fashion brand, that sell Cartoon Network and other official merchandise.

Nandita Mahtani collaborates- First Ever Indian Designer collaboration with Cartoon Network

In December 2018, Cartoon Enterprises, the licensing and merchandising arm of Turner India announced it’s first ever Indian Designer collaboration with Nandita Mahtani to create a capsule collection with the iconic channel characters like The Powerpuff Girls, Dexters, Johnny Bravo and more. It’s said to be a 40-piece collection.

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