Life Of Coco Chanel- An Illustrative Biography

Updated: Jan 14, 2019

Gabrielle Bonheur, famously known as Chanel reshaped women's fashion at an era when stepping outside the border of conventionality was only for the daring. As a fashion graduate, I was always blown away by her story of her in-dependency and individualism to build a strong empire which is relevant even today.

The First Steps

Following the death of her mother at the age of 12, it was Gabrielle's, Coco Chanel as we know her now, time at an orphanage at Central France where she was introduced to sewing. She crafted the art to precisely give instructions to the tailors to give life to her designs.

Unlocking Freedom

Women's fashion, prior to Coco was restrictive in movement and customarily uncomfortable. Chanel was the first designer to introduce Jersey into women's clothing, blending it with design inspiration from Men's clothing.

Hollywood and Glam follows Chanel No.5

There is a phenomenon called popularity and then there is "Marilyn Monroe Popularity". What happened when the timeless sultry icon of Hollywood endorsed the perfume as the ONLY thing she wears to bed? - A deathless brand value and rapid economic prosperity.

The Authoritarian Affair

The WWII was a dark phase for the world, and Coco managed to run herself into trouble due her inclination to a Nazi officer. This episode saw a downfall in sales and tarnished her reputation with which she lived till her death.

The Identifiable Rest

Her life, beginning to the end, Coco always took charge. Her individualism stood with no fear. Her grave is an eminent memorium as she had lions engraved on it as a tribute to her Zodiac sign, Leo- its qualities she believed, she embodied.

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