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The world is at a time when nothing can be lost nor forgotten. I really need not explain why. Yes I’m of course, I’m talking about the internet. Yes, the internet of course! Thanks to our beloved online and social media network, our present-day generation can revisit any past century.  

It is when I began creating my dark humor comics that I truly developed an interest to seek for unheard and unseen old cartoons. And boy, did I strike gold! The numerous searches on YouTube for worthwhile content really paid off when I discovered “Fractured Fairy Tales”, a segment featured on the animated television series “The Adventure of Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends” from the 60’s. 

Image Courtesy: Fractured Fairy Tales

Fractured Fairy Tales (1959-1961) were your favorite children’s fairy tales retold in an ingenious and exceptionally humorous style. Each tale is recreated with an unpredictable and whimsical story line packed with an insanely hilarious ending.While the wicked Queen from “Snow White and the seven dwarfs” got the poisoned apple from a vending machine, Prince charming from “Sleeping Beauty” converted his Princess’s palace into a tourist attraction! I had absolutely no clue how brilliant the creators from over 50 years were! 

Image Courtesy: Fractured Fairy Tales

Out of all their witty remakes of the most popular tales, the one which made me fall off my seat, with laughter was “Cinderella”. 

The story starts off with a bored Cinderella who wishes to wear good clothes and look pretty all the time, doing the mundane house chores when the Fairy God Mother appears in front of her. She finally gets to live her dream but ONLY if she sells all of the fairy’s metal cookware by midnight because even “Fairy God mothers have to make a living”. Now that’s what I call a fair deal! 

Image Courtesy: Fractured Fairy Tales

But who was rich enough to buy all that expensive cookware? You guessed it, The Prince! However, in this version, we get a glance into to his hard life too. The only way for the Royal Highness to remain on the throne was to marry a rich girl by midnight because the royal treasury balance was just “six- figure” zeroes. Thus, their assumption about each other’s wealth take both on a date night. 

Image Courtesy: Fractured Fairy Tales

While he says, and I quote “Such cash value, will be mine?” to her, the only thing which moves forward is her persuasion to make him to buy the utensils. But when the clock strikes 12, she runs back in her tattered clothes, to her home and loses her glass slipper on the way; much like in the original.

Image Courtesy: Fractured Fairy Tales

Just as you thought that his arrival at her door front was because of true love, the now Pauper Prince was just walking door-to-door, selling brushes; given by none other than the Fairy God Mother! 

Image Courtesy: Fractured Fairy Tales

This narrative not only struck my funny bone but quite honestly, also made more sense to me than the original! In the end, the fact that they twisted a classic into a dark and honest (love for wealth) plot ended up with me having nothing but praise for the imaginative minds of the creators. Who knew that the 60’s had an amazing show like this?

As I dug more into the history of this show, it was said that this and The Adventure of Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends helped carve the genesis of shows with similar satire like The Simpsons. 

This series has definitely struck chords in my heart for its humor that I look up to it as one of my inspiration for my creations (with an addition of gore!) 

I definitely recommend everyone to watch Fractured Fairy Tales and shed some light about this series because it heartily deserves recognition today! So, what are you waiting? 

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