Your Introduction to Dark Humor

Dark humor is a form of humor that uses a grim, morbid and cynical tone.

The term was first coined back in 1935 by Andre Breton, the surrealist theorist while interpreting author Jonathan Swift’s work.

Since most themes of this genre are death, sickness, accidents or anything unfortunate in nature, it mocks the societal norms and opens up the perspective about what’s often considered to be a taboo. This horrific approach in comedy is extremely subjective and may be considered to be violating to some.

Instances of Dark Humor

History says that the Vikings often used to joke about their deaths before battles. Since they didn’t stand a ghost of making it back alive, why not crack a chuckle about the inevitable?

Fast forward to 20th century. In the spirit of dealing with the devastation of the world war 2, dark humor played an important part to progress from the horrific event. The best way to deal with it was to laugh at it!

In popular culture, the movies Clockwise Work Orange, Pulp Fiction and The Wolf of Wall Street can be considered to be ideal examples of dark humor.

The clever use of humor to ridicule the forbidden issues or contemporary politics is gaining popularity, even in a traditionalistic country like India with the emergence of stand-up comedy groups like AIB.

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