The 5 Most Stylish Cartoon Characters

While I’m creating characters for my comics and cartoons, clothes play a major part in defining the personality of each character.

It can speak volumes about what kind of person they are and their background without even having to say a word.

As a child, the garments of certain cartoon characters appealed so much to me. (It transcended into idolising the wardrobe of Hannah Montana in my teenage days!)

For me, to act the part of my favourite characters, I would always picture myself wearing similar clothing to that of them. This is the effect clothing has on anyone. Or me , for that matter. With the ongoing fashion week, I thought- Why not pick my top 5 stylish cartoon characters ever? Of course, lists like these are extremely subjective, but I’m sure you’re excited to see who the made the cut. So, here they are.

1. Debbie Thornberry

Show-The Wild Thornberrys Year- 1998-2004

Style- Nirvana in the Wild

Debbie’s grunge style is something we can relate to even to this day. Her Cobain-esque style speaks for her interest in music and fashion like any other teenager. She rocks a flannel shirt, orange crop top and ripped jeans.

2. Angelica Pickles



Style- Boss Baby

Her mismatched prints and vivid coloured clothing surely complimented her loud and dominating personality.

She was a full blown baby diva who would occasionally “wear” makeup and rock exaggerated eye frames.

3. Sakura

Show-Cardcaptor Sakura


Style- The raddest schoolgirl

Where do I even start? My personal favourite, Cardcaptor Sakura was one of the first anime series I had ever watched. I was extremely fascinated by every thing she did (and wore!) From her rollerblades to her cardcaptor costumes, I wanted them all. Honestly, I would have been extremely happy to attend school every single day if my school uniform was anywhere close to Sakura’s! That’s how much the tween me loved her wardrobe!

4. Gerald Johanssen

Show- Hey Arnold

Year- 1996-2004

Style- Off-court fashion

Arnold’s best friend was certainly the most stylish from the gang for me. Rocking a 33 numbered sweatshirt, which may be seen as tribute to the Chicago Bulls legend Scottie Pippen, Gerald’s look was, what we call today- Atheleisure!

5. Betty Boop

Show- Dizzy Dishes- Fleischer' Studio’s Talkartoon series (First Appearance)

Year- 1930

Style- Pin up girl/ Sex Symbol

The only cartoon character on my list from a completely different era from the rest- the 30’s. Believe it or not- Betty Boop is a caricature of Helen Kane, a Jazz flapper girl.

Even though her overly sexualised dressing and makeup is quite not usually my liking, I give her styling a thumbs up because it helped portray a strong, independent female character in an era when women were considered the opposite.

This was my take on the most stylish cartoon characters. If you think your favourite character deserved a spot on the list, please share your best dressed characters in the comments!

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