"Like everyone, I too was oblivious to the actual situation in Kashmir. And it was only after a month or so since the lockdown in August 2019 that news about the misuse of power started pouring in. I was quite scandalized reading them that I started posting a series of cartoons online on this to get people to know. However, people questioned the authenticity of the stories run by media houses. 

In October 2019, I reached out to my Kashmiri friend, Faizah to ask her if it was really as bad as it sounds. She had left Kashmir amidst the lockdown for surgery then. Talking to her made me aware of how difficult life in a military zone is. This was also when I realized the importance to put out a personal story so that my audience can relate to the current situation there. My zine “Ask a Kashmiri” is based on the conversations we had, and how it changed my perspective on one’s basic freedom and rights. "

-Liz George 

The zine debuted at the Indie Comix Fest 2019- Kochi Edition and garnered an overwhelming response.

Ask a Kashmiri- Kindle Edition

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© 2019 Liz George

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